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Mongoose Music is an agency focused on the promotion of artists in Italy and Germany.
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...developing muiscians' potential.

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24.09.2017 Silent Concert - Sonic Access Tour Neubäuer See Silent Concert

Silent Concert

sonic access - hiring astronauts now

Past events

When Who Where What
24.01.2015 Galeb and the Seagull “St.Georg”, Berlin (DE) Concert
28.01.2015 Alef Band Crevalcore, Bologna (IT) Concert
29.01.2015 Alef Band Arezzo (IT) Concert
17.02.2015 Galeb and the Seagull "Schwatzsche Villa", Berlin (DE) Art exp.
3.03.2015 Galeb and the Seagull "Eastgate", Berlin (DE) Concert
16.05.2015 Galeb and the Seagull “Zum Goldenen Fass”, Regensburg (DE) Concert
2.05.2015 Galeb and the Seagull “Rotbart”, Neukolln, Berlin (DE) Concert
12.06.2015 Galeb and the Seagull “Palletti Bar”, Regensburg (DE) Concert
13.06.2015 Galeb and the Seagull “Hoffest", Obergolding (DE) Concert
12.07.2015 Galeb and the Seagull “ZuckerZauber”, Berlin (DE) Concert
8.08.2015 Galeb and the Seagull “Unta de Bam Festival”, Gerzen (DE) Concert
31.10.2015 Woodenlegs "Irish & Scottish Folk Night", Tamm (DE)
12.11.2015 Woodenlegs "Flann O'Brien Irish Pub", Graz (A) Concert
13.11.2015 Woodenlegs "Irish Pub The Celts", Lienz (A) Concert
13.11.2015 Matteo E. Basta "Kneitinger Keller", Regensburg (DE) Concert
14.11.2015 Matteo E. Basta “Zum Goldenen Fass”, Regensburg (DE)


22.11.2015 Matteo E. Basta "Etnoblog", TS, Opening act for Rachel Sermanni Concert
14.12.2015 Galeb and the Seagull Murphy's Pub, Trieste (IT) Concert
8.01.2016 Matteo E. Basta "Na'Cosetta", Roma, (IT) Concert
15.01.2016 Galeb and the Seagull "Buoni Amici", Umag (HR) Concert
16.01.2016 Galeb and the Seagull "Bunker", Pazin (HR) Concert
16.01.2016 Matteo E. Basta "Conestoga", Mestre, (IT) Concert
23.01.2016 Galeb and the Seagull "Liverpool", Opicina, TS (IT) Concert
29.01.2016 Galeb and the Seagull "Matteotti", Vicenza (IT) Concert
5.02.2016 Galeb and the Seagull "Ai Preti", Verona (IT) - solo acustic gig Concert
1.04.2016 Galeb and the Seagull "Jo Live", Marano Lagunare (IT) Concert
2.08.2016 Eclipse Sol-Air "Theatron" München (DE)  
19.09.2016 Eclipse Sol-Air einhörn.media Studios, Regensburg DVD-Release
23.09.2016 Eclipse Sol-Air Wortschau Festival, Kulturhaus Neuperlach, München (DE) Concert
24.09.2016 Eclipse Sol-Air "Concerthall Airport", Obertraubling (DE) Concert
10.10.2016 41 Hertz Bismarkplatz, Regensburg (DE) Silent Concert
21.10.2016 41 Hertz Halle (DE) - private event Concert
26.10.2016 41 Hertz Zwickau (DE) - private event Concert
26.11.2016 Eclipse Sol-Air "Felsenkeller", Schwandorf (DE) Concert
04.03.2016 Eclipse Sol-Air "Stadttheater", Weilheim in Oberbayern (DE) Concert
25.03.2017 Eclipse Sol-Air "Filmtheater", Schobenhausen (DE) Concert
08.04.2017 Eclipse Sol-Air Mannheim (DE) - private event Concert
22.04.2017 Silent Concert - Sonic Access Tour Kino im Andreasstadel, Regensburg Press Presentation
18.05.2017 Silent Concert - Sonic Access Tour Kino im Andreasstadel, Regensburg Silent Concert
23.06.2017 Woodenlegs Keltenfest, Schwarzenbach (A) Concert
25.06.2017 Silent Concert - Sonic Access Tour Regensburger Bürgerfest Silent Concert
25.08.2017 Silent Concert - Sonic Access Tour Galeria Kaufhof, Regensburg Silent Concert
Matteo e Basta Seminar Concert

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